My childhood in Panama

My childhood in Panama

I was born in 1968 at Santo Tomas Hospital in the City of Panama. From there, not too far away, I was taken to my beloved neighborhood…..San Francisco de La Caleta.

My background comes from a family that settled here since 1936, helping to grow and shape this wing of the city with hard work and sacrifice.

Now a days, the place have changed dramatically with a lot of new buildings, businesses, and more. But back then, during the early 70s, Panama was ruled by

a military government, nevertheless,  I can tell that I had a very happy childhood with plenty of opportunities to excel and become a good person for the future to come.

We used to play baseball, soccer, football, skateboards, and more down at the street. San Francisco had a ton of Mango, Almond, and some breadfruit trees that

we climbed on to enjoy their fruits. Right outside where I lived is the pacific coast, were we had the bay full of huge black sea rocks acting as some breakwater machines. I particularly

enjoyed doing martial arts movements on top of those rocks and spent many hours doing meditation. I am very proud to talk about some experiences that even most panamanians

don’t share much with me, simply because they grew up in other areas of the city.

It is all about those beautiful moments of my life growing in this very singular place of our country that now is fading away with modernization.  It is so deep for me that, when

it comes to define the word homeland or ‘patria’ in spanish, San Francisco de La Caleta pops out as those most important memories.




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